Julian Harris
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Recruitment to our Financial Adviser Network

Are you an Adviser looking for a network?
Are you dissatisfied with your current network?
Are you a newly qualified Adviser and not yet authorised?
Tied to one company?
Want to set up your own firm?

Julian Harris Network provides what you are looking for…

Julian Harris Network is an advanced service with competitively low charges . We emphasise independence and freedom to manage your own business, with a firm support system running parallel.

A network’s financial security is vital. At Julian Harris we have no overdraft, loans or credit cards and own our modest Head Office outright with no mortgage.

What we offer

You will be able to expand your own client bank and business whilst receiving high initial and renewal commission on a self-employed/Ltd basis.

You have complete independence to build and expand your own business.

Julian Harris holds quarterly meetings which provide training, presentations by industry providers and the opportunity to meet other network colleagues.

Directly Authorised? Why join a Network?

- Julian Harris offers a full range of ancillary services to add to your current service range, thus helping to expand your offerings

-With compliance becoming more complex, it does not have to be stressful. Allow us to take full responsibility for your compliance.

-Julian Harris offers low and competitive charges. Avoid the FCA's rising fees.

-Spend more time being productive and less time working out how to comply!

Support for IFA status

Julian Harris progression to IFA status Scheme

- We provide full support and assistance towards gaining IFA status if desired. We aim to make this a quick and simple transition

The benefits of our Network…

Take a look at our brochure for more details.

With a quick and simple joining process, you’ll be up and running in no time.

Please fill out the supplementary form, or call 01233 661960 or email info@julianharris.net for enquiries and assistance. We look forward to welcoming you soon.


Colin Peck, IFA

“If you want to be successful, mix with successful people – Julian has surrounded himself with a compact, very competent team. They deliver a high level of compliance checking and regular branch meetings to help ensure that Advisers are up to date with current issues and working practices. I believe that the team, as well as Julian himself are highly qualified. The company enjoys a good reputation and this, coupled with a friendly atmosphere, make for good working conditions for the Advisers.”

Mike Carding, IFA (Warner Holt Financial Services)

“Since joining the Julian Harris organisation, and speaking to friends who are with other networks, it is apparent I receive a much better service than they do and at a reasonable cost. The organisation is professional with the principles having gained many years of experience in the industry. The focus is on helping you to conduct business compliantly rather than prohibit you from writing business. Guidance and advice is freely available but they let you get on with running your own business without interference. With people changing networks on a regular basis these days, I am confident that I am with a network for my entire career.”

Alan Davis, Mortgage Adviser

“Joining Julian Harris Mortgages Ltd was the best thing I’ve done for a long time and I wish I’d met him earlier. His professional integrity, reputation and competency, especially with regard to compliance issues, makes him and his team invaluable to me. Working alone can be solitary at times but there is also the quarterly network meeting offering the opportunity to meet up with network colleagues and listen to presentations by industry providers.”
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