❚ Advisers:

Mortgage Adviser

Our charges for Mortgage Advisers are very competitive and straightforward:

  • 15% of gross commission/procuration fees received, inclusive of PI insurance.
  • For those advisers that produced less than £2,250 of gross paid commission in the total of the proceeding quarter year period, the charge for the next quarter would be 30% (this does not apply to the first 6 months of joining us). The 15% rate will reduce to 10% on the excess above £40,000 net commission per adviser each year (re-set on 1st April each year). £2,250 is only £750 gross per month or £9,000 per year. It is there so we do not lose money on extremely low producing advisers.
  • Plus, all services outlined in the Services section are included within our standard percentage.
  • There are two other costs you would have to pay: 1.) other costs would be the FCA fees (based on your turnover with us, and an additional application and annual fee for ARs only). The first annual payment would be in the September following the tax year you join us. 2.) Sourcing software – we are able to offer a special rate for IRESS Prospector/XPLAN Mortgage & The Exchange protection sourcing software.

Our members are free to give unrestricted whole of market advice. We are also an IFA WOM Network, so if you wish to expand in this area you can with us. You would not have to be authorised as an adviser personally.

We would not contact your current network until we had carried out all other due diligence checks and you were happy for us to contact them. We would do all the work in respect of novating your agencies over.

There are lots of details which one of our recruitment trainers will guide you through. To get the ball rolling – with no cost or commitment – please complete this short form: More Info On Joining Our Network

Independent Financial Adviser

  • 19% based on the first £25,000 net initial commission /fees due to the Adviser and 12.5% on the excess.
  • The rate and threshold are reset to 19% and £25,000 respectively on 31 March each year.
  • Inclusive of PI insurance. Plus all services outlined in the Services section.
  • Adviser will have to pay the FCA, FSCS and FOS individual annual fee (£1,600 approx pa). The FCA charges an additional application and annual fee for ARs.
  • £95 monthly levy/administration fee – taken from the 1st of each month. This is not applied for the first 3 months of joining, to allow you to settle in.

Compliance Penalties

Please note that we apply penalties for the late submission of client files.  The current rate of penalties are £20 if a complete case is uploaded onto our system more than 21 days after the application date and an additional £50 penalty will be applied if it is uploaded onto our system more than 60 days after the application date, making £70 in total.

We cap the amount that we will allow an adviser/AR to take on an indemnity commission basis to £2,500 gross per plan.  The balance is paid at the end of the indemnity period.  For Protection only advisers, we limit indemnity commission to £350 gross per plan.  We may increase this cap once we see good persistence.

Introducer Fee

Refer an IFA/Mortgage Adviser to join our network and receive £500 (IFA) or £250 (mortgage Adviser) introducer fee upon joining (paid when we receive the first commission for the referred adviser).

Click here for more information on joining our network


Before our Advisers conduct business, they will issue clients with an Initial Disclosure Document reiterating our status within the industry and confirming any charges that may apply. Any fees charged will reflect the amount of work involved in arranging financial services, mortgages and/or protection, and a fee agreement will be signed prior to any chargeable work becoming liable for payment.