We can provide access to the specialist products from Together who will consider mortgage applications from all sorts of people, looking beyond credit score to see them as individuals. With a focus on affordability, they are able to cater to a wide variety of income sources including employed, self-employed, DWP benefits and private pensions.

Core products and criteria

  • Rates from 4.85%
  • 5 year fixed rates
  • Non-standard properties including ex-council properties and high-rise flats
  • Micro mortgages from £3,000
  • Right to Buy
  • Shared Ownership
  • Retired applicants
  • No erc on residential products
  • Free valuations
  • No minimum income
  • No credit scoring
  • Only adverse registered within past 12 months is taken into account

Contact us on 01748 810177 or email: [email protected]