Come in from the cold – a warm welcome awaits you!

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A warm welcome

At Julian Harris Networks we understand that working for yourself can sometimes be a lonely experience. We understand the benefits from sharing and learning from others. After all, it’s the way we grow and develop ourselves and our businesses. And that is what our network is all about.

At Julian Harris Networks we extend a warm welcome to all those who want to join a friendly, progressive, forward-thinking network and community of like minded independently thinking advisers.

We are a mature network

We’ve been around since 1992 and have developed a depth of understanding of advisers’ wants and needs.

With quarterly meetings where you can meet other members, share their experiences and learn from leading industry product providers – you only stand to gain by belonging to a network that has your interests front and central.

Risk management

When advisers join us they do so safe in the knowledge that we treat our members with respect and without contempt.

With access to an advanced system for file checking, documentation and tools – you can be sure of a service that will not leave you out in the cold and at risk from the kind of punitive action that some other networks take following a compliance visit.

We are different

Through our ‘members only’ intranet, you can submit files for near real-time compliance checking. You’ll then receive helpful feedback, guidance and any training suggestions necessary to help keep you compliant.

This reduces your risk of falling short of the FCA regulations. And all delivered with the utmost respect for you as a valued member.

Minimal disruption

When you join Julian Harris Networks not only will you receive a warm welcome and risk management – you will also be given every possible assistance to seamlessly leave your current network or join us from other backgrounds.

We understand that change can cause disruption and that your cash flow is very important.

We pay commisions and fees weekly and directly to your bank account. Thus, you have our complete assurance that you’ll experience minimal financial disruption even during the onboarding process.

Find out more about our refreshingly different approach to how members should be treated and the many cost-saving benefits that await you.

Contact Peter or Julian today and ask about our no-fees joining application process.

Peter Welsh
Business Development Executive
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07789 446798

Julian Harris AFPC, MAQ, CF9
Chief Executive Officer
[email protected]
07703 569850

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